Steve Schultz Photography: Blog en-us (C) Steve Schultz Photography [email protected] (Steve Schultz Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:42:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:42:00 GMT Steve Schultz Photography: Blog 96 120 Blood Moon and full lunar eclipse October 8, 2014 This was my first attempt at photographing a full lunar eclipse. We drove out to Joshua Tree National Park and there were no crowds as the forecast stated there would be clouds - but we took the risk and were rewI wasn't quite setup when the eclipse started - but enjoyed the experience while shooting away from 2 to 4:30AM. 

Full eclipse and blood moon, October 8, 2014, shot from Joshua Tree National ParkFull eclipse, blood moonFull eclipse and blood moon, October 8, 2014, shot from Joshua Tree National Park

A few lessons learned, or more for that matter. Some Details:

  • Canon 5D Mark III 
  • 1.4x extender on my 2.8 70x200mm lens. Next time, I definitely want to have at least a 400mm lens

After the eclipse, I had to really push the ISO. I experimented with a variety of configurations to accentuate the color and richness. 

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Dungeness Mansion on Cumberland Island, Georgia dungeness panorama_HDRdungeness panorama_HDRDungeness panorama

My father reminded me of this shot and I had to post this to the site after viewing the panorama recently. Wonderful trip with just my daughter Kate and myself.

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Las Gaviotas, Mexico, a surprise birthday trip that almost became a crazy venture... Las Gaviotas Beach bwMexico Aug 2014Las Gaviotas Beach bwMexico Aug 2014

This is a more of an anecdotal post, than photography, but a worthy little adventure. Little did I know I would be heading to Las Gaviotas, Mexico, down in Baja California last week for four days. We made great time and much to my surprise, one of my good friends and his wife met us  down there in the quaint gated community of Las Gaviotas. The beach is rocky and with small waves makes entry for swimming, boogie-boarding, surging, etc., tricky. Anyway, the first full day we hauled the paddle boards down to the beach below and set off for an ocean paddle. 

Off in the distance was a little island, we dubbed "The Rock". It didn't look to far, but it was quite the jaunt with fairly large swells, but thankfully no wind. In time, we circumnavigated the island, littered with Pelicans - their refuse, which was an apalling smell downwind from it. Seals and Sea Lions were barking at us as we paddled on the confused seas to head back to the beach - albeit 2.5 hours later. It turned out to be about a ten mile paddle. My legs felt that excursion for the next three days. Great paddle though and we were ready for a cold beer on our return.

Great company, good food and plenty of relaxation abounded. Though on our return we decided to go through Tecate, due to much shorter customs lines. However, as we pulled into Tecate, we commented on how the street lights and stop signs were small, more hidden than not. We were cautious. My companion pointed out a cop. A few minutes later, there's a knock on my window. It was the policia on his motorcycle asking me to pull over. in brief, he tried to say that "she was not wearing her seatbelt and four people saw her." Absolutely not true, we debated the issue and he then acquiesced and then stated I rolled through a stop sign without stopping. Another delicate argument in which I demanded that he write up a citation before following him to the police station. We weren't moving without a citation. After that cat and mouse game, he finally relented and we were on our way! Heart was racing a bit. Plenty of corruption down there - make sure you know how to handle those situations. 

About the shot at the beach at Las Gaviotas:

I used my Lee Big Stopper (10 stop Neutral Density filter), which I'm still getting the hang of, but love it and the long exposure effects it produces. Camera - Canon 5D Mark III, EF 17-40mm, lens, ISO 200, f/18, 8 sec exposure.

I didn't shoot enough, but can't wait to go back!


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Mike Davis - AccessZ - High Resolution Stereography Last week, while visiting my parents, I was introduced to Mike Davis, a very accomplished photographer who specializes in Stereography - where he shoots and displays his images in 3D. The results were outstanding and Mike's ability to communicate the technical process, which is quite sophisticated, was articulated well and kept me curious for two hours. 

The only caveat is the work has to be viewed in a viewer. Nonetheless, I was captivated and can't wait to get back to hopefully go shoot with Mike. 

Here's a link to his site:

I love Mike's passion and commitment  to his work - envious. If you ever get a chance to view his work, don't hesitate.


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